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12th June 2017

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13th March 2017


Land Value Mischief

Speaker: Professor Wyatt
Venue: National Liberal Club
Time: 7pm
Details: London needs more houses apparently and last month the Mayor of London agreed that ‘a Land Value Tax would bring forward land for development’. If a pilot of the policy proceeds at Old Oak Common campaigners may celebrate the biggest step toward economic justice in a century.
Professor Peter Wyatt acknowledges ‘the general theoretical case for taxing land values has been made by leading economists.' but warns ‘the case for retrospective implementation...is not so clear, particularly in a political economy that has been and continues to be shaped by a land-owning aristocracy and a property-owned democracy.’
Newcomers to Land Value Taxation are invited to discover a radical reform that cuts through the bindweed of left-right politics. Seasoned campaigners inured to electoral apathy and incomprehension will be intrigued to encounter a thoughtful case against based not on political expediency but on the principle of prescription.

13th February 2017


Annual Dinner: The Intergenerational Equity

Speaker: David Willetts
Venue: National Liberal Club
Time: 7pm
Details: Young people are working harder and getting launched in family and home later – if at all – with debt, job and pension insecurities baffling to their parents. The reasons are simple, explicable and wholly curable but only if the electorate grasps the simple causes. There are two causes and neither have much to do with left-right politics. The first is the way earned incomes and property interact. The second is raw numbers.
Possibly the most disruptive force of nature in politics, wherever it occurs, is the movement of a demographic bulge.
Whether it is the UK’s 1947 baby boom hitting pension age or the spike in 20-somethings across Africa and the Middle East, it is hard to find a political crisis in which it is not a major factor: Britain’s EU exit, China’s economic downturn, African migration, Arab Spring and on the domestic front the crisis in adult social care, NHS funding and even the housing situation … They all have this at their heart and it is a lot less nebulous than ‘disenchantment with mainstream politics’.
Here the first spike of babyboomers hitting pension age is having profound impacts on policy from the triple lock to Brexit. It is so ubiquitous that David Willetts now warns “it’s the demography stupid!”. Lord Willetts, a leading thinker and minister in David Cameron’s cabinet is one of the few who have been highlighting the equity and policy implications. As a leading policy adviser to no. 10 and now chair of the Resolution Foundation he calls it ‘intergenerational equity’. Of course if we had some semblance of equity in the first cause the numbers would resolve happily and naturally but we had better understand at least one of these causes or continue to lose the young out of what seems like a small boat on a very choppy sea.


5th December 2016


Taxpayers Against Poverty

Speaker: Rev Paul Nicolson
Venue: National Liberal Club
Time: 7pm
Details: What happens when you tax people who have nothing?

Rev Paul Nicolson founder of TaxPayersAgainstPoverty.org campaigns for those well under the ‘just about managing’ line.
He will talk about families suffering the combined effect of welfare cuts and bedroom tax; the benefit cap; how Job Centres now hand out sanctions and have become harsher than the Magistrates’ Courts! and new efforts to deliver affordable housing through a Community Land Trust. When Rev Nicolson wanted to highlight unjust fines for Council Tax arrears he decided to stop paying and has been fighting Haringey Council through the courts since. We are delighted that for the time being he has avoided prison and we are making the most of the opportunity before his next hearing in February!


3rd October 2016


The American Presidential Election

Speaker: Andrew Samtoy
Venue: National Liberal Club
Time: 7pm
Two nations divided by a common language?  It goes beyond language - think cricket and baseball, soccer and superbowl, parliamentary and constitutional democracy.

If you're confused by what is going on in the American election, you're not alone - and not just how a complete political novice got the Republican nomination.  The entire system of nominating candidates and then electing them is foreign to Britain and confusing even for many Americans.  Why does each state hold ‘primary’ elections months before the national one?  What happened at the conventions?  How can Republicans oppose Trump but still hope to win their local elections?  How is the Senate different from the House of Representatives?  What is the Electoral College, why does it exist and how it works?  How the big economically critical states of Texas, California and New York may not matter - while Franklin County and Cuyahoga in Ohio could determine the election?

We have an American to help.  Andrew Samtoy has worked in politics, law, and media over the last twenty years, including a stint for Bill and Hillary Clinton's top advisor and pollster, Mark Penn.  He will explain what we will see on November 8th including how to tally votes, why you should pay attention to Florida and Colorado but not Massachusetts or the Carolinas and how America works. Or doesn't!
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