The Gladstone Club is a forum which welcomes all those who wish to engage in political discussion and question the ideas and policies of the day. We are radical in the sense that we wish to penetrate the ‘roots’ of issues without the ties of party loyalty and political correctness. Members are drawn from across the political spectrum and are of all ages.

Forthcoming events...

3rd October 2016


The American Presidential Election

Speaker: Andrew Samtoy
Venue: National Liberal Club
Time: 7pm
Details: Andrew Samtoy was an attorney in the swing state of Ohio for five years and, most recently, social media coordinator for a public radio and television conglomerate in Ohio.  He was also lucky to work for a past President and a possible future one at the same time: he worked for Penn, Schoen and Berland, doing work for both Bill and Hillary Clinton and Al Gore.  He also was field manager for Bev Stein, gubernatorial candidate for Oregon, and has worked on other elections for both local and national candidates.  Andrew will be explaining the complexities of the American system, as well as answering questions about how, exactly, Donald Trump got as far as he has.  If you've ever had questions about hanging chads, the Electoral College, or the Tricameral System, now's your time to get them sorted out.
Recent events...

4th July 2016



Venue: National Liberal Club
Time: 7pm

16th May 2016


The EU Debate

Venue: National Liberal Club
Time: 7pm
Details: No thinking person can be undivided. Accordingly we propose an open forum discussion in which, knowing you a little, we can expect a diverse, informed and full expression of views.

We look forward to seeing you and in the meantime will be pondering some questions:
Would leaving be Roussovian emancipation or adolescent strop?
Is it a red pill blue pill sort or question?
Or more strudel versus cheesecake?
Is it more political or economic? If so, in whose interest?
Is it self evidently better to embrace a larger unity?
Even if that unit excludes an even larger one? (eg. 30% tariff barrier on wine imports from outside)
Can a thing be right if it is not right for everyone? (eg. free movement)
To begin to see what you are do you have to come out of what you are not?
Is it ever right to walk out on your friends?
Is Brexit like Jenga?

15th February 2016


Housing crisis? Immigration? Deficit? There is an answer.

Speaker: Andrew Purves
Venue: National Liberal Club
Time: 7pm
Details: How could a small island absorb mass immigration, maintain high levels of public services, housing and investment, low taxes, sustained growth and a budget surplus?

Entrepreneur, developer and economist, Andrew Purves has studied the economic and public revenue system of his native Hong Kong. Most HK residents do not appreciate the merits of a system that achieves all the goals of an advanced economy without a windfall of oil natural resource wealth.

For details about Andrew’s book, ‘NO DEBT, HIGH GROWTH, LOW TAX: Hong Kong’s Economic Miracle Explained’ please see link: http://www.shepheard-walwyn.co.uk/authors/andrew-purves/

23rd November 2015


Refugees and the Movement of Labour

Speaker: Clare Short
Venue: National Liberal Club
Time: 7pm - 9pm
Details: Labour is in the spotlight on Syria. Milliband blocked strikes in 2013 - cynical politicking according to Nick Clegg at the time - but Blair’s 2003 Iraq invasion is now regarded as having spawned Isis. Both his ministers with foreign portfolios resigned, Robin Cook from the Foreign Office and Clare Short from International Development. Corbyn wants out of Nato but is not a pacifist, says Maria Eagle, shadow Defence Secretary.

Clare Short resigned the whip in 2006 after 23 years as a Labour MP calling the leadership “error-prone”. Which way for Labour now? Her verdict tonight.
A Peelite Coalition?
Balanced budgets, employment & growth
Barack Obama
Breakdown of the Family
Drugs, the Underclass
Electoral reform. AV Referendum
France & Britain: Our Culture
Freedom Under the Common Law
International Aid and the 2004 Tsunami
Land Values
Left/Right Politics
Lords Reform
Money as Debt
People Power Across the Arab World
Political Correctness
Public Revenue & Taxation
Renegade Economics
Talking to Terrorists
The 2010’s a mid-term review: Sir Anthony Seldon
The Battle of the Economists
Too many laws
Vince Cable & the Economic Crisis
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