About Us...

The Gladstone Club was founded in 1973 to provide an arena for people to come and discuss things seriously, not necessarily along party lines, and to come up with new ideas. As the name implies there is a liberal heart but the Club welcomes people of all party allegiances or none. It is not hide-bound by policies of particular parties. Independent in its thinking; it doesn’t have to please anybody.

Meets at the NLC on Monday evenings 6 times a year. Visitors are welcome including non-members of NLC. The usual format would have a speaker with specific subject and ample time for questions and discussion.

Members would like to be described as radicals in the sense of wishing to penetrate to the roots or causes of political issues and also of having the prescience to anticipate otherwise unexpected consequences of government policies.

Rules: members and guests are reminded that the only rule is that people should only say what they genuinely believe, should be heard with respect and answer likewise in terms of reason.

Mission: if something is needed in political life beyond the exercise of free and sincere speech, then perhaps it should be a direction towards a new enlightened Gladstonian liberalism?
“The principle of liberalism is trust in the people qualified by prudence.”


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