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7th October 2015  |  0 comments

I find a terrifying disparity between our headlines about a militant female lawyer incensed about a male lawyer making an allegedly patronising remark about her attractive physical appearance and films of hundreds of young Syrians - as young as eight - being drilled and brainwashed into total commitment to jihad including practising beheading and torture. We all have to share the same planet.
I am sure that Britain should maintain her already much depleted military capacity including Trident and if necessary its successor but our main focus should be cultural and educational and humanitarian. We should not underestimate the fascination which we hold for much of the rest of the world not least China and India. And there is still far more room for cultural etc interchange with Russia than in the days of the Cold War. Today's Times includes photos of British landmarks which are being replicated in full scale or more in China including a double size Tower Bridge and full size Longleat together with a typical English village and a GPO letter box. What did we used to say about imitation and flattery ?

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Letter to Times

30th July 2013  |  0 comments


Those who question Vince Cable’s motives in challenging aspects of Coalition policy seem to have forgotten that, prior to the banking crisis in 2008, his was the most persistent Parliamentary voice warning of the perils ahead. But the powers that be preferred to bask in the pleasure of the on-going boom until it was far too late and damage had been done which will take decades to repair.

Now Dr. Cable is warning that providing extra credit for house buying will almost certainly push up the price of houses. It is evident that, unlike most things, our national habit is to spend as much as possible when buying a house. In short, a measure designed to help first-time buyers is more likely to create a new price bubble and leave things even worse for the next generation.

Likewise, Dr. Cable challenges efforts to hound out of the country people whose dearest wish is to stay here, work here and become fully part of this multicultural nation. All manner of tricks will be devised to deport these people, thousands of whom are involved in providing nursing and care for our ageing population. Even before the culling of such people, the NHS is counted ‘too busy’ to provide basic care. Had these good people committed acts of genocide, they would have better prospects of being allowed to stay.

In short, Dr. Cable has surely earned the right to speak out when he sees trouble ahead and the effectiveness of the Coalition will be reduced if he is silenced.

Roger Pincham C.B.E.

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Spirit of enquiry

11th June 2013  |  1 comment

To engage in politics is to be a citizen. Few pay it the care it is due, fewer still seek principle and policy before party.
Such is the spirit of the Gladstone Club. The Club exists to serve that spirit and on our 40th birthday invites you to toast that ideal and our founder chairman Roger Pincham, to think about the next 40 years in the political life of the nation and most importantly to share the company of kindred spirits.
With wine, hot buffet and string quartet - on the terrace weather permitting.

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