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7th October 2015  |  0 comments

I find a terrifying disparity between our headlines about a militant female lawyer incensed about a male lawyer making an allegedly patronising remark about her attractive physical appearance and films of hundreds of young Syrians - as young as eight - being drilled and brainwashed into total commitment to jihad including practising beheading and torture. We all have to share the same planet.
I am sure that Britain should maintain her already much depleted military capacity including Trident and if necessary its successor but our main focus should be cultural and educational and humanitarian. We should not underestimate the fascination which we hold for much of the rest of the world not least China and India. And there is still far more room for cultural etc interchange with Russia than in the days of the Cold War. Today's Times includes photos of British landmarks which are being replicated in full scale or more in China including a double size Tower Bridge and full size Longleat together with a typical English village and a GPO letter box. What did we used to say about imitation and flattery ?

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